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How does internet use interrelate with health? Participate in the FiBu study

How does internet use interrelate with health? Participate in the FiBu study
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The prevalence of the sedentariness and Internet use has brought about huge changes in human lifestyles during the last decades, and it even shows a trend of leading to more far-reaching influences – positives and negatives. The FiBu-Study (“Fit in Bremen und umzu”) aims at better understanding the interrelation between health, lifestyle, and internet use in general with the goal to identify areas where improvements are needed. The researches at Jacobs University are now recruiting people to participate in the online survey which is available in three languages.

The appropriate use of the Internet in areas such as health information sharing, Internet-based interventions, using video games and online social networking was found to promote specific health behavior. However, a large group of people also suffer from it, because they spend too much time on the Internet or even developed an internet-dependency without knowing it. Possible consequences include damaged work-life balance and happiness – and in this way impact people’s long-term health.

Prof. Dr. Lippke, Professor at Jacobs University states, “While this was known before and much research on physical activity can already be found, the connection between internet use, sedentariness and happiness was less researched before.” Therefore, the project FiBu – available in English, German and Chinese – focuses on all these aspects, in different countries and cultures as well as their interconnections. The aim is to enable intercultural learning in terms of identify alternatives from other cultures and enlarge the toolbox of support for adequate internet use, an active lifestyle and improved happiness. With that, FiBu assess the needs of survey participants and concludes with evidence-based suggestions for concrete actions to improve health and happiness.


You will find the survey here: