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The Symposium “B³ - Bildung Beyond Boundaries” brings together educational experts with diverse backgrounds to reflect on the future of Higher Education and to develop radical ideas for its innovation. Breakthroughs in higher education can only be achieved through an united effort by different actors across vast disciplinary terrain. For a great leap forward cognitive and educational sciences must play a significant part in educational technologies, learning analytics and normative values of Bildung.

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Hülsmann, President and Chairman of the Executive Board of Jacobs University

  • Professor Siân Bayne from the University of Edinburgh ©Jacobs University?

  • Panel "Beyond the discipline" with Manuel Dolderer, President of CODE University, Dr. Jacob Fruchtmann, lecturer at Jacobs University, Prof. Victoria E. Szabo from Duke University and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kühnen from Jacobs University (left to right)

  • Panel "Beyond the individual" with Prof. Dr. Arvid Kappas, Dean at Jacobs University, Dr. Margherita Malanchini from the University of Texas, Dr. Susan Engel from Williams College (USA) and Prof. Dr. Christian Stamoc Roßnagel from Jacobs University (left to right)

  • Sandro Giuliani, Managing Director of Jacobs Foundation